About LCA

Local Climate Action (LCA) is many things. It is an interactive map, a social network, and a tool for learning and research. It is especially designed for communities that are active and interested in climate mitigation, CO2 reduction, energy saving, and energy generation. Using LCA you can learn about projects, technologies, and methods that contribute to climate protection while at the same time contributite to socially, ecologically, and economically sustainable communities.

The map: Today many communities and individuals all over the world fight global warming through socially responisble businesses, civic engagement, lifestyle choices and politics. Various forms of action start at the local level, which is why we believe a map is the best tool to display what is happening. In Japan municipalities, private businesses as well as NGOs and individual citizens contribute to climate protection within their communities in manyfold ways. Some examples are already displayed on our map, and we hope for many more.

The projects: LCA shows you local climate mitigation projects in various places all over Japan. When you look at the map, you will see many points, colors and icons. Each point on the map represents the location of a single project. For easier navigation each color represents the legal form of the owner of the project municipalities (blue), private businesses (green), and NGOs (orange). Because there are many ways in which these projects contribute to a reduction in the emmission of Green-House-Gases (GHG), each method and technology has an icon by which you can recognize it on the map.  There are those projects that generate energy in the form of electricity or heat, and some evene do both at the same time. The most known form of renewable energy come from water (hydro power), the wind (wind power) and the sun (solar energy).